4 Common Myths About Artificial Turf

Read on as Colorado Turfin’ Staff Clears Artificial Grass’ Name

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Normally when someone thinks about artificial turf or artificial grass, it can conjure up ideas of horrible landscaping with several disadvantages. But with several years’ worth of research and experience under our belt, Colorado Turfin’ is clearing the air and dispelling a few common myths about this gorgeous, well-manicured installation. Take it from our trusted providers and learn more about artificial lawn, their benefits, and how you can purchase your own!

A piece of nontoxic turf

Myth #1: The grass and infill are toxic.

Artificial turf is a beautiful, low-maintenance addition to any residential or commercial space. Our Colorado Turfin’ staff makes it a point to use state-of-the-art infill products and grass; this comes after years of extensive research into their quality and safety. Our all-natural synthetic grass infills and performance-based infills are non toxic and do not include any harmful products or residue. By trusting our installation experts, you can rest assured knowing your artificial grass is safe!

A roll of turf

Myth #2: Artificial grass is unsafe for kids and pets.

Since artificial lawns and other types of artificial turf are meant to be enjoyed by lots of people, it’s natural to worry about how safe it is. Just like how our artificial lawns include grass and infills that are non-toxic, they are also safe for children and family pets to walk and play on; in fact, our products are the premier choice for Colorado residents and their young family members. It all comes down to the materials used in the creation of artificial grass itself and its infills, which is something Colorado Turfin’ takes very seriously. If you have any questions at all, contact us!

A roll of artificial turf

Myth #3: Pet waste causes a build-up of bacteria and odors.

A major benefit of installing an artificial lawn on your residential property is not having to perform typical lawn maintenance, such as mowing. However, another lesser-known benefit is how pets can relieve themselves on artificial grass just as they can on normal grass. The intuitive design of synthetic grass allows liquid such as rainwater or pet urine to drain away, as opposed to staying put and building up. When you choose Colorado Turfin’, you can be confident your new lawn will be safe and bacteria-free; all you have to do as a homeowner is to scoop up dog poop like normal and perform a simple cleaning routine!

Man installing artificial turf

Myth #4: Installing artificial grass limits your landscape design options.

Although artificial turf and artificial lawns are best known for being safe, durable, and affordable, that doesn’t mean you have limited design options! When you work with Colorado Turfin’, you will have access to a variety of different styles; our team will help you create the artificial lawn that matches your style and meets all your needs. Think of this residential (and commercial) addition as another means of landscaping design, but with an added layer of convenience!

Explore all the benefits of choosing artificial grass and get started today! Colorado Turfin’ can help you create the ideal outdoor living space or lawn, perfect for family members and visitors alike!

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