Artificial Turf Maintenance Tips

If you’re one of the Colorado homeowners who recently invested in artificial turf, or if you’re a long-time artificial turf owner looking for a little help, then today’s blog at Colorado Turfin’ is for you! While artificial turf is very low maintenance, there are a few things that you should do from time to time to keep your turf looking beautiful and last the test of time. Here are four helpful tips for maintaining your artificial turf from Colorado Turfin’.

Close up of a hand squeezing a hose nozzle while rinsing off artificial turf.

Regularly Rinse

You definitely don’t need to water your artificial turf, in fact, that’s probably while you got it. However, it is a good idea to rinse it down from time to time. Rinsing your artificial turf on occasion can keep debris off of it, keep it clean, and keep it smelling fresh for longer. Regular rinsing of your artificial turf is especially important if you have children or pets who are out playing or using it in one way or another.

Someone raking artificial turf.


It may sound silly to brush or rake your artificial turf lawn, but hear us out. Over time, artificial turf can flatten some and lose its natural-grass look. Brushing/raking your lawn from time to time can help keep all of your artificial grass blades upright. In turn, this will keep your landscaping looking beautiful and natural with minimal effort. You can use a stiff, non-metal brush or a rake to brush your grass back upright.

Black pet dog laying on artificial turf next to two ducklings.

Eliminate Odors

After some time, artificial turf can develop an odor. This is especially true for artificial turf that is regularly exposed to pet waste or children playing. Should you encounter an odor with your artificial grass, it’s very simple to get rid of. Simply mix an enzyme cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water and use it to clean your artificial turf. This will help to sanitize your landscaping and remove any unwelcome odors.

Yellow dandelion weeds coming out of dirt.

Kill/Prevent Weeds

The last maintenance tip we have for you today at Colorado Turfin’ is to monitor weeds. Even though it’s not real grass, weeds are tenacious and can still find a way to spring up in the middle of your artificial turf or around the edges. There are numerous products out there that will help you prevent weeds from popping up. Or, if there are already weeds in undesirable areas, there are products that will quickly kill weeds or you can simply pull them out of the ground by their root. As an added bonus, you’ll no longer have to look for weed killers that won’t harm your grass!

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