How Does Having Artificial Grass Increase Your Home’s Value?

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Whether you’re closely following the housing market or only glancing at it every once in a while, you can’t deny its importance and impact on you, your family, and your future. It’s important for you as a homeowner (or potential homeowner) to do whatever you can to ensure a solid return on your investment. Colorado Turfin’ offers artificial turf installations that are both affordable and long-lasting, providing a reliable home upgrade that can increase your overall property value!

Rolls of new artificial grass.

Affordable To Install & Maintain

The actual artificial turf cost is well-known for being less expensive than natural grass, while also providing a higher level of enjoyment. Artificial turf from Colorado Turfin’ stays green through all possible weather events, without turning color or dying from lack of diligent care. In addition to this low artificial turf cost, it is also very easy to maintain and requires little effort on the part of the homeowner or future homeowner.

Opening artificial grass mat.

Safe For Families, Kids & Pets

A large factor realtors and other agencies will look at when assessing your property is its safety — how well will future families and residents be protected? Not only is the artificial turf cost incredibly affordable, but this synthetic grass is also non-toxic, making it a safe upgrade that won’t harm young children or pets. Our goal at Colorado Turfin’ is to provide you with a gorgeous, easy-to-maintain home improvement that will help you stay affluent in the housing market!

Artificial turf laying background.

Resilient Against the Elements

As our Colorado Turfin’ experts touched on above, artificial turf can stand up to Colorado's unpredictable weather patterns and changing of seasons. Along with an affordable artificial turf cost, this sort of installation and home upgrade is not heavily affected by the hot, beating sun — unlike natural grass. This synthetic grass also has good drainage, meaning it is capable of drying from hard rain and deep snowfall faster than natural grass.

Landscaping combinations of grass, pebble and stones.

Improved Curb Appeal

Much like sitting down to a meal, when potential buyers visit a home, they judge by what their eyes see; if they are greeted with lush green, flawless artificial turf, that sets the tone for other areas both inside and outside the home. Colorado Turfin’ is happy to help you increase resale value of your home, and your property value overall, with a low Colorado Turfin’ and high chance of impressing realtors and families interested in your home.

Start investing in your home’s property value now so you can reap the rewards later! Contact Colorado Turfin’ today to schedule a consultation about your next artificial turf installation!

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