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Knowing how spontaneous the weather can be in Colorado, the constant changing can wreak havoc on your home or commercial building’s lawn. After all the hard work put into making it look beautiful and well-kept, the elements can cause it all to erode away. Colorado Turfin' is here to change all of this with artificial turf installations — the perfect way to get a long-lasting, lush green lawn. This common replacement for natural grass has a few critical qualities and benefits you need to know as you browse our residential and commercial options!

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Several Benefits For You & Guests

Aside from saving you the time, money, and energy it takes to keep up a lawn — or even a large scale golf course — Colorado Turfin' artificial turf installations stay green through both rain and shine! When you invest in this upgrade for your home or business, you’re also giving yourself back more free time, and giving everyone who walks on this synthetic grass a high-quality experience. This low-maintenance, strong and durable version of a classic lawn is resilient enough to withstand constant use!

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Pest-Resistant & Eco-Friendly

Because artificial turf installations from Colorado Turfin' are a synthetic version of natural grass, it can help reduce and eliminate both the number of pests around your home (or business) and your own environmental footprint. Natural grass can harbor insects, ticks, and other insects or rodents, but installing artificial turf ensures there’s no room for these pests to thrive. Additionally, because this is not natural grass, that means it does not have to be watered constantly or be treated with harsh chemicals; instead, Colorado Turfin' can help you reduce your impact on the environment while also keeping your property looking gorgeous.

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Installation Timing & Expectations

It’s important to consider the overall timing and process when it comes to large-scale property improvements. In terms of artificial turf and other such synthetic grass installations, Colorado Turfin' will take detailed measurements of the entire area to make sure enough materials are gathered. From there, our staff will clear any vegetation or debris that needs to go, fully preparing the area. The actual length of time an artificial turf installation takes can vary, which is why we offer detailed consultations!

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Inside The Upkeep Process

Our staff at Colorado Turfin' is proud to help homeowners and business owners maintain and increase their property value with artificial turf, which has a well-earned reputation for being very low-maintenance. After the installation is complete, your lawn or other selected area will require very little mowing; rather, all you’ll need to take care of is a few small rinses and light raking every now and then.

Now is the time to invest in your future, and for the future of your property. Colorado Turfin' can answer all your questions about artificial turf and the entire installation process in a thorough, detailed consultation! Contact us today to get started!

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