Why Artificial Turf Makes For the Perfect Holiday Gift!

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This holiday season, give the gift of artificial turf! While artificial turf may not be a traditional Christmas present, it’s definitely a good one for a close family member or significant other. Keep reading to learn why and start your turf installation services by calling our team at Colorado Turfin’ today.

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More Time

Time is, after all, the most precious resource. When you give the gift of artificial turf, you are also giving the gift of time. No longer will the person you are gifting artificial turf to have to spend time and effort mowing, trimming, seeding, fertilizing, aerating, and power raking. Artificial turf requires minimal maintenance, which means they can spend more time living life and doing what they love instead of allocating time to yard work/maintenance.

Close up of artificial turf with the corner pulled up so you can see underneath.

Monthly Savings

Artificial turf is the gift that keeps on giving! Not only will the recipient have beautiful, low-maintenance landscaping, they’ll also save on their monthly water bills during fall, spring, and summer. The average homeowner can use on average 44,000 gallons of water for an 800 square foot lawn every year. Since artificial turf requires no watering, just a rise from time to time, so they’ll see a noticeable difference on the monthly water bill.

Beautiful front of a home with stunning artificial turf and curb appeal.

Curb Appeal

Homeowners’ are always trying to make their property look great and increase their property value. So what better gift for a homeowner this holiday season than artificial turf? It looks better than traditional grass in most cases, really ups the curb-appeal of the home, and it can even increase the overall value. What other holiday gift do you know of that can do that?

2 kids laying down reading a book together dressed similarly while laying on artificial turf in the backyard.

Same Yard Without the Work

Our team at Colorado Turfin’ recommends artificial turf as a holiday gift because you get the same great benefits of a traditional grass yard but without all the work. Pets, kids, and adults can play, romp, and do everything they can do with traditional grass, but with a few key differences. Pet waste will no longer leave dead spots all over your yard, it’ll look great all year long, and it can be used exactly the same but without any upkeep on your end.

Give the Gift of Artificial Turf From Colorado Turfin’

Convinced that artificial turf makes for the perfect holiday gift yet? If so, give us a call at Colorado Turfin’ today to get started!

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